Our Mission

The Buddha told us that supreme generosity is epitomized by the gift of Dharma. It is through the teachings of the Buddha that suffering can be relieved and eventually eliminated.

Today, we are extremely fortunate to have several teachers in Pure Land Buddhism. It is due to their selfless efforts and many individuals' hard work that we are able to have the material to share with you today.

We, at the Amitabha Gallery, are committed to sharing these Dharma gifts with you. We would like to highlight the beauty, inspiration, serenity, and peace that come with the Dharma. The essence of Sakyamuni Buddha’s teachings on Pure Land Buddhism will be a recurrent theme. It is our goal to make the teachings light and easy to understand.

We invite you to enjoy the gift of Dharma with us. Please also share it with those around you.

May we all enjoy peace, serenity, and the uncovering of our wisdom.

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Dedication of MErits

May the merits and virtues
accrued from this work,
adorn the Buddha’s Pure Land,
repay the four kinds of kindness above,
and relieve the suffering
of those in the three paths below.

May all those who see and hear of this,
bring forth the bodhi mind
and at the end of this life
be born together
in the Land of Ultimate Bliss.