Pure Land Chants

It is the Buddha's wish that all beings will one day awaken and leave suffering behind. All of us have the same potential as Buddhas to awaken.

We chant to touch the Buddha within us - to become one with all Buddhas.The simplest way to practice Pure Land is by chanting "Amituofo." Amituofo is the name of Amitabha Buddha in Chinese.

1. “Namo Amituofo”

This gentle “Homage to Amitabha Buddha” can be a peaceful accompaniment to activities such as walking, driving, or simply being. [66.5 MB]

2. “Amituofo”

As one chants and becomes absorbed in the sound of the name, worries and distractions will gradually fade and be replaced by feelings of natural serenity and joy. [82.7 MB]

3. “Namo Amituofo”: Sound of Dusk

Chant of “Namo Amituofo” with sounds of nature in the background. [29.3 MB]

4. “Amituofo” suitable for Supportive Recitation

Calming, meditative pace. This chant can be used for supportive recitation during a person's “final hours.” [54.8 MB]

5. “Namo Amituofo”

“Namo Amituofo” chant accompanied by the handbell. Suitable when doing walking or sitting meditation, or bowing. [70.8 MB}

6. “Amituofo Chant”

“Amituofo” chant by Venerable Master Chin Kung. [60.1 MB]


“Amituofo” chant by Hua Zang Buddhist Library. [29.6 MB]

8. “namo amituofo”

“Namo Amituofo” chant by Shi FaZang, a cappella chanting. [36.8 MB ]


Continuous waves of “Namo Amituofo” chanted by a soprano voice and accompanied by piano and cello. [55.6 MB]

10. “Namo Amituofo” Praising the Buddha

An atmospheric introduction created by the use of flutes and percussion, leading to warm, majestic vocals of “Namo Amituofo” chanting. [47.0 MB]  

11. “Namo Amituofo”

An inspirational and liberating fusion of male and female vocals singing “Namo Amituofo” with cascading melodic music in the background. [66.9 MB ]

12. “namo amituofo”

A mysterious journey of reflection set up by sweeping strings and the progressing sounds of a train. This selection is chanted by an ensemble of rhythmic voices. [47.0 MB]

13. “Namo Amituofo”

A nature-influenced track that incorporates cricket calls and separated discontinuous beats from a wooden block. [41.9 MB]

14. “Amituofo”

“Amituofo” chant accompanied by music, composed by Mr DiaoQing from Shandong, China. {14.6 MB]

15. “Amituofo”

”Amituofo” chant accompanied by music, composed by Mr DiaoQing from Shandong, China. [18.6 MB].

16. “Namo Amituofo”

Soprano chant of ”Namo Amituofo,” accompanied by piano and cello. [55.6 MB]